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24 February 2020
It's that time of year again!

Spring is just around the corner. The birds are singing, and we have some brand new bird feeders for your yard.

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17 February 2020
General Finishes Paints

We are proud to carry General Finishes products. America's leading manufacturer of innovative water-based finishes.

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1 February 2020
The Life Cycle of a Wine Barrel

Aging in oak imparts vanilla, butter and spice flavors to the wine. As the wine ages so does the wood of the barrel. The barrel retains the colorization from the wine, which creates unique staining patterns in the wood. No two barrels are ever the same because of this.

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28 January 2020
For Valentine's Day

Make it different this year. Give them a unique one-a-kind piece of heirloom quality furniture they can enjoy all year and for years to come.

Remember, nothing says "I love you forever" like heirloom quality furniture.

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24 January 2020
Restored Industrial Cart

Wooden Things Furniture is known for the unique furniture pieces that you can find here. You can always be sure that when you visit us, we will have some of the most unique furniture pieces you have ever seen. And these restored industrial carts prove that point. These carts date from the 1930's when they […]

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20 January 2020
We Have Barnwood Furniture!

It's the hottest furniture on the market right now and we have it. Barnwood is wood that has been reclaimed from old barns. It offers a unique look and feel to the furniture that is made from it. Durability combined with beautiful aesthestics.

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16 January 2020
We're Happy to be Adding Wine Barrel Furniture

We are excited to be adding our Wine Barrel furniture to our online shop. Our Wine Barrel furniture is hand made from vintage wine barrels. The wood ages as the wine does. In addition to the natural aging process of the wood, the wine adds distinctive coloring and characteristic staining to the barrel wood. All […]

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16 January 2020
Carbon Neutral Green Furnishings

Because our furniture is Amish made it earns the distinction as being a green sustainable product. Further more, since it is made by hand, each piece is carbon neutral. Because the Amish beliefs prevent the use of most modern technology, the furniture is crafted in a way that has very little impact on the environment.

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16 January 2020
American Made

Not only is our furniture made here in America. But, so are the trees! All the wood used in the making of our furniture is sourced from right here in America. It comes from sustainable use forests, which means a tree is planted for each one cut down. Every piece of furniture is made by […]

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